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There are a number of ways to look at what makes a country and its citizenship great. A comprehensive, holistic way is to include social capital and progress, passport strength, and standard of living.

Luxembourg citizenship is often held in the highest regard and its passport is deemed as valuable as that of Danish and Swiss.

According to the Global Passport Power Ranking 2017 which ranks nationalities by visa-free travels or visa on arrival, it placed Luxembourg in joint fourth place along with the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, South Korea, and the US.

This means a person can travel easily across borders without much hindrance and troubles but it doesn’t say much about social well-being.

Hence comes the Social Progress Index, a multi-indicator index created by Social Progress Imperative, a US-based nonprofit in an effort to better inform us on environmental and social development.

The index ranks countries by 3 major criteria (i.e., basic human needs, foundations of well-being, and opportunity) and 12 minor factors such as basic medical care, shelter and personal safety, access to information and communications, access to advanced education, health and wellness, personal rights, personal freedom and choice, tolerance and inclusion, environmental quality, and more.

Of 6 ranking categories, Luxembourg is again included in the highest tier along with 12 other countries.

Rated this way, Luxembourg’s reputation proves accurate and it’s clear that the Grand Duchy with emphasis on all the right places are highly attractive to and are perfect for high net-worth individuals.

This bears out in recent figures in 2014, as Luxembourg had the highest nationality acquisition rate per 1,000 residents in the EU.

What’s better yet. When we take into account standard of living – measured by GDP (PPP) per capita, Luxembourg sits at the second in the world and the first in all developed countries. The metric factors in per-capita wealth and the relative cost of living and inflation rates, altogether making Luxembourg a clear winner for affluent families and individuals.

There is a reason why we are located and operate in Luxembourg. Its overall attractiveness in terms of high wealth and low living costs, livability and health, social inclusion and personal safety, privacy and freedom, and environmental quality is simply the best choice from a holistic point of view.


Founded by Jean-Luc Jourdan in 1999, GMS+ is a Multi-Family Office based in Luxembourg City. Over the last 18+ years, we have been diligently building up a team of specialists to cater to your most complex requests.
Comprehensive and holistic, we cover your needs: from family and personal goals to wealth and business management. We are uniquely qualified to cover your Family’s relocation project in perfect sync with your business objectives and your Family’s lifestyle.
Our experts understand the exacting requirements of a UHNWI Clientele. Whilst subject to Luxembourg’s stringent privacy laws, our Clients’ privacy is further assured by providing them with an in-house encrypted communication and project management app.


At GMS+, we treat your business with the same diligent care as our own. As we look to build a trusting relationship for years to come, we take your peace of mind very seriously.
To get started, let’s discuss your options together.
Chat with us now by simply clicking the red “LET’S TALK” button at the top-right corner or by messaging +352621324923 on Telegram, Signal.

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