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Double-Tax Treaty

A Double-Tax Treaty is an agreement between two or more countries that reduces the amount of tax that an international worker or company must pay, so they do not have to pay tax twice o the same income. Under Double-Tax Treaty, any tax paid in the country of residence will be exempt in the country in which it arises.


  • Do you provide services to Luxembourg companies only?

    We provide our full suite of corporate services to companies in jurisdictions globally, both onshore and offshore. Managing your companies through GMS+ in Luxembourg is an assurance of quality, efficiency and confidentiality as provided by Luxembourg law, our strict data management policies and our time proven counterparties.

  • What is the advantage in having GMS+ take care of these tasks instead of doing it by myself or by my employees?

    We have spent 18+ years achieving results for our clients. This has forged us a privileged network of professional partners and contacts worldwide. We not only have the hindsight and experience necessary to identify the best ways of achieving your goals but also a team skilled at achieving them quickly. The confidentiality of our relationship and your privacy is assured by Luxembourg law.

  • What is the role of GMS+ in my fundraising efforts?

    GMS+ is the director of your fundraising efforts. With our decades-long experience in the banking, finance, trust and family office services, we will:
    – Help you determine the best structure for your securitisation and fundraising efforts
    – Actively assist in fundraising if required
    – Create a full set of accounting, legal and marketing materials by way of coordinated efforts between multiple specialists.
    – Open, create, manage an SPV, a securitisation company or a compartment.
    – Coordinate dematerialisation and depositary actions with a bank
    – Coordinate stock market placement when required.
    – Calculate, publish NAV.

Trust, results, confidentiality and the protections offered by Luxembourg’s jurisdiction are the foundations of GMS+ Luxembourg Family Office

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